A Real Nice Problem To Have Lyrics

You say you wish you could stay for another round
Help me close this tavern down
But your better half said you better not be late
Or there's gonna be some hell to pay
Well I'm thinkin as you're moanin and paying your tab
Sounds like a real nice problem to have

Well I wish I had someone waiting at home with the lights on
And I wish I had me a reason not to stay out all night long
Having someone to love you, tell me is it all that bad
Sounds to me like a real nice problem to have

You gotta call so she don't worry 'bout you
Well I've got a pocket full of quarters that I'd love to use
Yeah, you think I'm a lucky so-and-so
Cause nobody cares when I come and go
I'd trade places with ya buddy in a second flat
Sounds like a real nice problem to have

Repeat chorus(X2)

A real nice problem to have

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